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The MADD College ‘Class of 2022’

Introducing our brilliant, dedicated and hard-working MADD COLLEGE graduate year, the CLASS OF 2022 (and their Spotlight links), just months before they leave us and pursue their professional careers across the performing arts!

All photograph credits with thanks to MAD Photography.

Sophie Barton – https://www.spotlight.com/5898-5615-1427
Tahnee Eutella Webster – https://www.spotlight.com/0459-1273-1505
Rebecca Sellors – https://www.spotlight.com/7610-7836-6506
Ciara Smith – https://www.spotlight.com/9330-8949-1914
Olivia Stockdale – https://www.spotlight.com/4816-3492-6800
Olivia Bunting – https://www.spotlight.com/9555-8940-6422
Oliver Kemplay – https://www.spotlight.com/6210-1278-6389
Phoebe Richardson – https://www.spotlight.com/0751-6724-4319
Emily Hyslop – https://www.spotlight.com/7776-1274-8894
Emily Norman – https://www.spotlight.com/9815-7833-8095
George MacArthur-Conroy www.spotlight.com/3873-5611-4420
Hollie Longdon – https://www.spotlight.com/5471-0165-7617
Caitlin Lilly Abbott – https://www.spotlight.com/0515-4506-6983
Bella Davies – https://www.spotlight.com/1531-3498-1654
Annabelle McAdam – https://www.spotlight.com/2010-5613-8814
Alex McRobbie – https://www.spotlight.com/7654-6729-5998
Adrianna Sylwestrzak – https://www.spotlight.com/9491-7839-1222