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In-person auditions in 2022

We are very happy to announce that our first in-person audition in almost two years, will take place on Friday 14 January 2022, commencing at 10am.  

Please complete the forms below.

Applicants will be required to prepare the following for the in-person audition:

For the 3 Year Professional Musical Theatre Diploma Course/One Year Intensive Top Up Diploma, please prepare the following:

  1. A musical theatre song
  2. A monologue – from a published play
  3. A dance solo (any style)

For the 3 Year Professional Dance Diploma Course please prepare the following:

  1. A solo dance (any style)
  2. A solo dance of contrasting style

For the Foundation Musical Theatre Diploma please prepare the following:

Two performances chosen from a monologue, a song and a dance (any style)

All performances to last no longer than 2 minutes.

Backing recorded music needs to be provided for song and dances.

We look forward to meeting everyone. GOOD LUCK!!

**If you wish to audition before this date we are currently accepting auditions online and you can send your self-tapes to office@maddcollege.co.uk